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As a dynamic group of passionate crypto community members, entrepreneurs, investors & engineers who have spent thousands of hours researching the web and global crypto community - we of all people understand the value and importance of having an easily recognizable brand identity.

Our Objective

We are focused on leveraging our unique resources to help connect emerging talent and new startup projects with meaningful, powerful and recognizable brand identities using relevant domain names or domain 'clusters'.


We are investors, entrepreneurs and active crypto community members. 

Joint Venture Development

Our team has deployed resources directly to several of our most highly valued and premium category defining domain properties. These may include projects where we are actively hiring, funding work or assessing potential future partnerships & ventures.

Premier Branding

The key to crypto mass adoption on a global scale is establishing the knowledge base - and making it accessible and consumable. A good, easily memorable brand can do at least 50% of the marketing for itself. A good domain name can dramatically impact your organic traffic and flow.

Network Expansion

Thought exercise: can you or your team connect with more end consumers through your existing collective networks - or through a complimentary and rapidly emerging global network of professional crypto users?

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Get Inspired And imagine the world as your customers see it

The Crypto revolution provides previously unattainable vantage points for consumers and market participants. This new paradigm facilitates multi dimensional transparency that requires a dynamic and flexible approach to optimizing your visibility through the eyes of a previously unreachable audience.

What's in a Premium Domain Name?

Use a Valuable Domain Property To Build & Showcase Your Brand

‚Äč “Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man.”
— Rick Schwartz (The Domain King™)


Visibility & First Impressions

In 2017 alone, over $3.5 billion USD (and counting*) has been raised through ICOs, TGEs & SAFTs. If your business (or theirs) is not willing to invest in what will likely be the very first impression for 99% of anybody that ever sees or hears of the brand, business or project - you may be missing the point. Your domain name has a noticeable impact on how your website is listed by search engines. The more basic and identifiable your domain name is with related search queries the more likely it is to be ranked higher in the search results.


Existing Businesses

"If your business already exists then you want to incorporate your current branding into your new domain name. This carries your branding efforts over to your website and is a fantastic way to build your credibility as a brand and expand your sales to the internet marketplace. Whether you will be using your domain name for a company website, to build a community or as a marketing campaign your efforts will only be enhanced with a premium domain name."        - DomainMarket.com


Brandable Domains

Catchy, creative domains can launch a memorable brand, but including keywords in a domain can make it descriptive at a glance. Ask.com, Booking.com, SalesForce.com, and Weather.com are just a few examples of Alexa Top 1000 keyword-based domains, but creative domains like Google.com and Tumblr.com are obvious examples of custom domains with incredible brand strength.

In the Crypto era where the underlying technology is inherently more complex, successfull brands will have to combine both familiar calls to action and new terminology. 1clickcrypto.com, tokenfutures.com, coinforkast.com, 401kcoins.com, bitcoincds.com and minerlisting.com

Understanding Potential Domain Valuations

Reviewing historic trends and valuations based on actual transactions can be helpful in establishing a valuation context and ideally a framework as well. Most domain properties derive value from traffic, quality of content, prominence of brand or demand for the product or service of the business.

The business of investing in generic domain names is akin to buying real estate. Some people choose to buy land in an area they think will be developed in the future, rendering it much more valuable. They are content waiting for months or even years before selling. Others will buy property and build homes, and they will either sell or lease them, building a residual revenue stream.

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We are active across every level, layer & community encompassing the entire Crypto Ecosystem. We strongly believe the most meaningful network value propositions are created by taking a truly holistic approach. 

Interested in Using some of our Web Properties?

We welcome collaborative ventures through innovating new and dynamic ways to combine team resources, complimentary skill sets and assets to drive traffic and help catalyze organic growth.

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Whether you're looking to buy, lease, partner or otherwise, we have over 1,200+ premium Crypto domains that could be the next big thing, your project or... both?

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